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Welcome to General Contractor Handyman – Where “To Do’s” Get Done!

It would be great if every neighborhood had a “handyman”. Someone who knew everything, could fix anything and always had a “friend” in the business – whether you need a plumber, an electrician, or a contractor to remodel your home.

That’s us! We’re a professional handyman service in the South Florida area for home repair, remodeling and maintenance. We help with little stuff like fixing a broken doorbell or fixing that cracked tile, but we also have the staff and expertise to remodel your kitchen. We add professionalism, specialized training and a 100% satisfaction guarantee to the trust and convenience of a neighborhood handyman. No job is too small or too big and we’ll be “right over” when you need us.

So, what do you need done today... what's on your "To Do" list?

Are these items on YOUR To-Do list?